Stopping the Vicious Cycle of Bullying Starring Anisa Robinson


Stopping Bullying’s Vicious Cycle is a dramatic one person monologue set written by Ralph Burgess and starring 14 year old actress Anisa Robinson. It paints a picture of all the players that contribute and are impacted by the vicious cycle of bullying. The main players; the bully, victim and silent witness, are all highlighted as Anisa Robinson brings an in depth and uniquely personal perspective from each of them.

By the end of this assembly, the audience would have learned a new perspective of all parties involved in bullying. As a result, their empathy level will increase which will in turn promote peer to peer mentoring.

Added travel and lodging costs may apply. At the end of the symposium your students will have learned great lessons in character building, peer to peer mentoring as well as heart-warming lessons in empathy. Call for pricing 973-220-0344.